viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

The Legacy by Virginia Woolf

  • How would you connect these words to the story? (Click on the image to enlarge it)

  • Write Virginia Wolf's biography (a different one from our book) using these words. REMEMBER TO WRITE ONLY ONE OR TWO SENTENCE(S) EACH!

Adeline / 1882 / 1941 / London / educated or education/mother and sister died/  
nervous breakdowns / professional writings / love / modern  style /  works/

stella :-)

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Syndafloden dijo...

Oh no! Online homework, Thank you Stella

Nolita dijo...

How thanks for the homework Mel?Jaja

yamila dijo...
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stella dijo...

OK. You should be writing HERE.
stella ;-)

paw45 dijo...

Stella! Here's one of the activities about The Legacy. I hope it's ok.. and maybe it will help others too!

"The Legacy" is about a secret love story. The only witness of that love was a diary kept by Angela, one of the parties of the triangle love story.
Angela was married to Gilbert, an important politician, for many years.
Tired of her lonely days, Angela decided to do other things out of her house. There she started having an affair with a man (B.M.). Even though they started as friends, soon they became lovers. He was the man who would provide her all the happiness she needed.
B.M., who was Angela's secretary's brother, committed suicide because Angela didn't want to run away with him to Egypt. His decease was what carried Angela to commit suicide too.
Gilbert knew all about his wife' secret once she had died.


stella dijo...

Good! THIS IS THE IDEA>>>if we all work collaboratively, it`s easier for all of us, everybody can leanr from his/her peer!

Just one comments: "Angela HAD BEEN married to...">>>I think chronology is cleare now.

stella :-)