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ISFDyT Nº 35
Your blog should have:

  1. A nice title
  2. narrative text (Your relative who is in... is explaining why he/she has decided to migrate)>>I've already corrected it.
  3. A slide show (Power point presentation) uploaded with slideshare. (or other web 2.0 tool). Embed it.
  4. A time line (using Time toaster). Embed it.
  5. A video downoloaded from Youtube (realted to your family background, typical food or clothes, the city wher they come from, etc) with a descriptive text below.
  6. Maps with their corresponding texts (descriptive and/or narrative) showing where your family comes from.
  7. Photographs from your family, old documents, etc>>>if you are lucky to have them!!!
  8. A letter: your relative has arrived in BA and writes a letter back home that includes: a description of the place/city, his experiences so far (Present Perfect???). the description of an important person (a friend, a former neighbour, a relative, a future boyfriend/girlfriend...).
  9. Last but not least: a photograph (or several photos) of your family (now) with a narrative/descriptive or informative text related to it/them

  • try to avoid LINKS, if you embed (with embed code) the video or the timeline for example, the result is much more attractive!
  • the texts below the video or the pics SHOULD be PARAGRAPHS (not sentenes). Pls, check paragraph organization.
  • Remember to look up HOW to write a letter in the entry below (FCE WRITING) if you do not remember.
  • pls, take into account that IMAGES are not simply decorative, but they provide lots of information, too. 
  • INCLUDE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, PLACES OR SITUATIONS if you do not have enough information about your real family!

Enjoy writing. It's the last effort!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUE DATE (fecha de entrega): NOVEMBER 1, 2011.

stella :-)

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